Loving Reaper

About project "Loving Reaper"

“Loving Reaper” is my ultimate love project. It enables me to use my art for good causes and raise awareness. Here is how it works. “Loving Reaper” is an ongoing series of short comics, telling the stories of different pets/animals. They deal with various problems that need attention, like; abandonment, neglect and abuse. These short comics have quite a big audience by now and have been shared by lifestyle websites, animal blogs and animal shelters. People can support my art through donating to my Patreon, even if it's just $1, they are supporting not only my art but also many other good causes. My Patrons even have a say and can help decide which institution will receive the next donation. At the end of each month I'll be posting the transaction screen where the money went, so I can showcase the institution as well. Suggestions for donations and also for the next comics can be made at my Patreon.

Loving Reaper can also be found on Webtoons!